Thousands of years ago, an ancient race of people created a being of pure serial-writing power, capable of annihilating entire galaxies with its raw, narrative energy. This being was the Grand Eye. Upon emerging from its incubation chamber, the Grand Eye proceeded to decimate the ones who created it by writing a web serial too good for mortal brains to comprehend. The Grand Eye then took off into the wild black yonder, intent on delivering impossibly excellent serials to all sentient species of the Universe.

Now it has finally arrived on Earth.

Humanity shall learn to fear the Grand Eye’s writing power.

The Grand Eye’s first attempt at human-orientated fiction was Winchward Beach. Unfortunately, after twenty-five chapters the Grand Eye decided it was simply too good for human eyes, and banished all future chapters to the Abyss of Screaming Souls. Now the Eye is producing a more suitable remake of the story, entitledĀ Archey Billiard is the Devil.

Psychobox Robots is another serial that the Grand Eye has begun producing. It is currently trapped in the limbo of hiatus with no end is sight.

Green Tea Sea is yet another Grand Eye serial. It too, is hiatused.

Also Nevada 375 is coming sometime. Not even the Grand Eye knows when.

Because Australia is the home of otherwordly things, the Grand Eye has made its home somewhere in the country’s vast red deserts.

Please enjoy or else you may expect to suffer the Eye’s rage.

Sincerly, the Grand Eye’s PR guy.