The Grand Eye is a giant and highly combustible eyeball created by an ancient race for the express purpose of writing web serials. After several millennia of writing serials for various species, the Grand Eye has finally made its way to Earth and seeks to write serials for the inhabitants.

The current front-runner is Winchward Beach, a fantastical tale of a man named Archey Billiard and the grand secret behind his pathetic life. Winchward Beach sees a new chapter every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Also starting is Psychobox Robots, a sci-fi about a city of psychic robots in a box, and the few who want to escape it. Psychobox Robots gains a new chapter every Monday and Sunday.

To come is Green Tea Sea, a surreal fantasy about an ocean of green tea and bamboo, and the struggles of those that live on it. Green Tea Sea currently has no set release date, but nothing really does anyway.

Because Australia is known as the home of giant intergalactic eyeballs, the Grand Eye operates in Australian eastern standard time.

Please enjoy or else you may expect to suffer the Eye’s rage.

Sincerly, the PR guy.